Elite Hitting Training


Our Elite hitting training programs are manufactured to build as much strength, power, and bat speed as possible to consistently drive the baseball while doing the most damage. We optimize your own natural movements and combine the latest professional training techniques in every single lesson, class, and training session to get maximum results in the batters box.


Fundamentals Training

While each athlete is different, every great hitter shares a group of core fundamentals and principles to put them in the best position for success. We instruct and utilize movements, progressions, and swing exercises in each training session along with heavy focus on advanced mental approaches of hitting. 


Bat Speed Training Programs

Our Elite Bat Speed & Exit Velocity Training is a 6-week, offseason performance program for advanced hitters. While teaching basic fundamentals,  the program maximizes explosive power in every swing. We use overload/underload bats, weighted balls, and individual strength & power programming in every workout. 


Strength & Power Training 

Increase your overall athleticism and see the results. Our programming is done by Josh Elleman, former Boston Red Sox Athletic Trainer and our team of over 15 former and current professional players. We get you the best results on the field because we know exactly what that takes to perform at the highest level.