Youth Hitting Training


Muscle memory is developed at an early age. We teach young hitters the basic core fundamentals of hitting that all successful hitters share. We educate players how to use their bodies efficiently and gain maximum power and results in the batters box. Come see why 15 professional players have chosen to train at Impact every single offseason.


Custom Training Programs 

Each hitter is made differently. We enhance your own natural movements while teaching the shared training principles, mechanics, habits, drills, and fundamentals that all successful hitters posses. If you have a specific goal in mind, we can draw up a plan to help you reach it. 


Individual Instruction

One-on-one instruction and personal training. We utilize advanced hitting techniques to train your body and mind to perform at its best. We utilize a mix of mental prep, fundamentals and technique work, optimizing your own natural swing, and high-quality repetitions. Slow-motion video analysis is available in every session per request.


Off-season Training Programs

Functional movement, plyo-care, and stability training are the foundation of our youth platform. We teach young athletes how to use their bodies and increase athleticism for performance that transfers to all sports. Programs include: bat speed training, strength & power workouts, quickness & agility training, and conditioning regimens.