Training Membership Details:

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS: Strength, speed, power, endurance, quickness, and functional-movement training.

DETAILS:  Access to Impact facility 1, 2, 3 or unlimited times per week. We provide you a customized training plan and individualized workouts in a small-group setting each training session. You get better in the offseason. Period.

AGES:   7-21


START DATE:    September 1st, 2017

WEEKLY SCHEDULE:  Monday-Friday: 3:30pm-6:30pm

FOCUS:  Workouts designed to push your limits as an athlete in an uptempo, team environment built to motivate and bring out the best performance possible.

WORKOUT BREAKDOWN:  Each workout includes:

·      Professional stretch and foam roller routine

·      Dynamic full-body warm-up

·      Strength, power, and explosion exercises

·      Core-strengthening work

·      Speed and Agility ladder routine

·      Conditioning and cool-down exercises (optional)


1 Session per week: $150/month    ($37 per session)

2 Sessions per week: $200/month       ($25 per session)

3 Session per week: $250/month         ($21 per session)

Unlimited:  $300/month     

DIRECT SIGN UP LINK:    Monthly Memberships