At Impact we understand that each year kids are getting bigger, faster, and stronger. With that comes more velocity, tilt, movement, etc. So our goal is to simplify. We do that by eliminating anything pre-contact that allows us to be on time consistently. At Impact we are not interested in teaching only one way of hitting. We are interested in teaching your child the one way of hitting that works for them. We have a basic framework that consists of the absolutes of hitting. These are basic positions throughout the swing that not only big leaguers can get to with success, but kids of all ages can as well.


The Impact pitching philosophy keeps things simple with our body and our mind. The most important part about being a pitcher is being healthy. We want to help eliminate the chance for injury. In order to throw a baseball with proper mechanics, we to take care of our arm and body. Mechanically we preach the ability to repeat our delivery consistently. Having control of our body and engaging the lower half correctly will maximize our ability to throw the best pitch possible. Mentally we prepare our pitchers with the proper mindset to compete at a high level of competition. Hard work and being a constant student of the game will help us achieve consistency in our delivery and perform at the highest level possible.


At Impact our fielding philosophy has an individualistic theme. Just as in any other area of the game, we understand there are many different styles to getting the job done with the glove. We work to enhance the knowledge of every aspect of fielding including pre-pitch routine as well as post-pitch fundamentals to put ourselves in the most athletic position possible throughout each play.