Strength & Performance Training (13U)


Youth Strength and Performance training requires a different focus than adults. We teach young athletes how to efficiently use their bodies to provide max strength, power, quickness, torque, and explosiveness on the diamond that also translates to all other sports. We utilize body-weight movements and exercises to increase mobility and gain strength through quality repetitions.

Our training focuses on movements and workouts to make you the most explosive and powerful ATHLETE you can possibly be. We strongly believe young players should not specify in just one sport. Playing and training for other sports works on different types of athleticism and movements that will always translate to the baseball field. More and more, college and MLB teams are identifying the greatest athletes as the key pieces to their teams and that trend is going to continue into the future.

Impact is leading the way in youth performance training. Our workouts are formulated through over 40+ years of combined professional playing experience. We are constantly learning the newest techniques and studying data to ensure we are keeping kids healthy and on the field. We aim to make the training and preparation habits formed at Impact the foundation for long, healthy athletic careers.